Fascia and Soffit Rotting Out, But Why?

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    Remove Old Rotted Wood

    There ended up being more rotted-out wood than we expected, but that’s why we are good at adapting to our situation. from this picture or point of view, it doesn’t look too bad.
    This is a view of the fascia boards from the ground.
    let’s take a closer look
    In this picture, you can see that not only the fascia is terrible but also the soffits and some of the primary wood under the roof. It was all removed and replaced. Plus painted to match the other paint.
    This is an up close view of the fascia boards and rott.

    In this next picture, you can see that this was leaking because there was never any step flashing added between the shingles and the fascia. I outlined an area in red to represent where the step flashing should have been. Keep in mind the only part you would see is the vertical part going up the wood. The other section would still be under the shingles.

    This is a close up view of the rotted fascia boards.

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    This is showing rotted wood because of a leak

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