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This homeowner is having several issues with her home. The first is the chimney flashing leaking. Second, the fascia and soffit are rotting.

How to fix the issues with this roof

  1. 1
    Water damage from inside the house

    As you can see, both corners of the chimney have a decent amount of water damage to the sheetrock. 

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  2. 2
    Rotten fascia

    The drip edge is installed behind the gutter. This allows water to flow behind the gutter, on the fascia, and down to the soffit.

    Here is a picture of the soffit. The red section with an arrow is rotted severely, and the yellow team with the hand is how much of the wood we will have to cut out to repair this area.












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  3. 3
    Leaking chimney flashing

    This chimney flashing has a few issues. The main point is the hole in the caulking from it shrinking over the years. The other problem is the flashing is open on the ends. Not to mention a few large openings in the mortar.

    The end of the flashing is wide open.

    No mortar, and it is wide open!

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