Leaking chimney

  1. 1
    Chimney in need of repairs

    This is a picture of a red terracotta roof with a chimney stack going through it


    As you can see in this photo there is black plastic flashing and aluminum flashing as well as a lot of caulking. Its not instantly apparent where the leak is coming from. Reflashing this stack is a challenge to do correctly as its not a common roof material.

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  2. 2
    Adding a chimney coating.

    As you can see there is a red outline around the flashing. This is where we will tape off the roof making a nice straight square box. We will add a very thick layer of ALDO roof coating to the inside of this area completely coating this section of roof. We will the remove the tape for a good clean line. This is a picture of a red terracotta roof that has a small chimney stack Coming through it. There are red lines bordering around the chimney stack

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  3. 3
    Seal gaps in ridge cap

    As you can see in the picture there are gaps in the foam ridge liner that need to be sealed off due to blowing rain. We would address all of these while on the roofThis is a picture of the ridge

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  4. 4
    Bad pipe boot on edge of roof

    This pipe boot looks like its seen better days. In all honesty its the wong kind of pipe boot for this roof but if it was also sealed off with ALDO  it would last several more years! We would tape off area in red, coat the roof and then remove the tape for a nice clean edge. This is a picture of a red terracotta roof with a black pipe boot around a pipe in the roof. It also has a red line drawn around it.

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