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To repair or to replace?

  1. 1
    Rotted roof decking

      The roof deck is sinking in and terribly rotted out the area.

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  2. 2
    Roof decking completely rotted.

    The leak exists in there for so long that the deck boards are completely rotted away.

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  3. 3
    Inside the attic

    There is major wood rot in the attic and the black and white mold is rapidly increasing.

    Picture of inside the attic. This shows leak damage and black and white mold.


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  4. 4
    Nail pops

    The nails from the roof are unconsciously popping away all through the shingles.

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  5. 5
    More nail pops

    The home-owner said that in the roof you will probably see two or more nails popped away, but as I observed I saw more than 15- 20 nails. 


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  6. 6
    Rusted nails

    When the water gets in into the shingle on a regular basis, the nails began to rust and by the time the nails are rusted there will be no more foundation to hold the shingle down anymore. The roof will look like these pictures. The main reason why the water gets in, it is because of the popped nails on the roof.


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  7. 7
    Nails put in at the shingle unions

    The nails are started to rust and it is now colliding with shingle.


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