What is wrong with this roof?

  1. 1
    Missing flashing

    One of the main reasons this roof is in such bad shape is because the roof has been flashed incorrectly or not flashed at all, for that matter. This has caused a lot of wood to rot against the house.This is a picture of a shingle roof butted up against a siding wall. With arrows pointed to the wall showing no flashing.

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  2. 2
    More missing flashing

    This is a picture of shingles butted up against a wall with siding on it. Without flashing to protect the wood behind it. The wood will become rotted over time.

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  3. 3
    Shingles sliding down the roof

    As you can see, all the red arrows are pointing to areas where the shingles are sliding down or beginning to slide down. A few things cause this. So when I checked, most of the shingles only have 4 nails instead of 6, plus it's a very steep roof. A lot of the nails were nailed above the strike zone. The shingle's strike zone or nail line is thicker in that section. So nailing above it can cause the nail to almost go right through the shingle.

    A picture of a roof with green shingles and red arrows pointing to the corners of the shingles.

    This is a picture of s green shingle roof with red arrows all over it, pointing to shingles that are sliding down the roof

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  4. 4
    This old chimney is in very bad shape.

    This old chimney is falling apart and desperately needing some serious attention. It doesn’t appear that the chimney is in use.

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  5. 5
    Roof in desperate need of gutters

    As you can see, the existing gutters desperately need replacement.

    Roof in desperate need of gutters

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  6. 6
    Owens Corning Duration shingle

    This roof is not only steep but gets a lot of weather, and this is why we recommend an Owens Corning Duration shingle. The embedded Kevlar-like fabric will keep these shingles from sliding down the roof like the current ones and keep them in place for the roof's life. Here’s a short video to explain;

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