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Old Gutter Guard Metal Left Under Shingles

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    Old Gutter Helmet Metal Left

    The metallic helmet gutter on the left was underneath the new shingles. This will make the shingle weaker and wavy at the edge of the roof.


    The edge of the roof should be repair due to the damage done by the gutter guard.

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    New Roof Looks Great Besides Edges

    The newly installed roof looks better at the edge of the roof.

    GAF Cobra 3 Ridge Vents


    The newly installed pipe boots.

    The chimney in closer look.

    The Old chimney flashing in great shape.

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    Customer Testimonial!!!


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    Starter Shingles are Upside Down

    Couple things here, these edges of the roof get the most abuse. The starter shingles should glue the dimensional shingles. It can't happen when the starter shingles are upside down or backward.  The metal left from the old gutter guards is also a big problem.

    The proper installation of shingles at the edge of the roof.

    Before , the shingles was installed upside down but we start to installed it properly.

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