Old Roof with No Ridge Vent and Missing Shingles

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    Missing shingles on the back and front of this roof

    Missing shingles on the back and front of this roof.

    Often folks would want to file an insurance claim for the roof replacement. This doesn't make much sense here because it is a smaller roof, and Farm Bureau is the insurance agency. Farm Bureau has an ACV policy only, meaning that the roof's age is a significant factor in how much they will pay, and since this roof is ancient, they won't pay very much.

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    Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles

    We are proposing Owens corning oak ridge shingles here. We will use synthetic underlayment drip edge starter and Oakridge shingles.


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    Ridge Vent is Needed

    The proposed roof needs a ridge vent to help ventilate the attic space.

    Black Shingles and a ridgevent

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    Roof Inspection Video
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