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Roof inspection in Asheville on old 3 tab roof

Upon inspection of this roof, 3 main things immediately caught my eye.

The first thing was the amount of granular loss on the shingles. The granules protect the asphalt and fiberglass in the shingle. When these wear off, it leaves the shingle exposed to the elements, and they will begin to break down. The fiberglass breaks and the asphalt will start cracking as well.

The second thing I noticed was all the staples popping through the shingles. This leaves a hole in the shingle for water to penetrate the roof.

The third and maybe most important thing I saw on this roof was all the broken and cracked shingles caused by wind damage.


The 3 main problems I found

  1. 1
    Excessive amount granular loss

    These shingles have lost between 45% and 70% of the granules. This is always the first sign that your roof is past its prime and may need replacing.Red 3 Tab ShinglesDamaged ShingleHail Damage on Shingle

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  2. 2
    Second thing was nail/staple pops

    Through the roof, I could spot where the staples were popping through the shingles or pushing the shingles up. This can cause leaks by having open penetrations in your roof. In this picture, the arrows all point to shingles popping up due to staple pops.

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  3. 3
    The third thing was wind damage

    There was a hand full of shingles that the wind had blown and flipped backward. This causes the tab on the shingles to either complete break, crack, or crease causing the fiberglass to break in the shingle.

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