Coating roof to repair leaks

  1. 1
    Repairing the steeple

    This was a bit of a challenge as when I took the old pipe boot they used to try and keep water out (bad idea) of the bottom of the cross. There was obviously a huge crack or opening for water to get in almost all the way around the the base of the cross.
      I used butyl tape to close up this opening this way the coating although thick wouldn’t run down in the crack.
    The coating we used has a fibrous base in it. This will keep it from cracking over the years.

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  2. 2
    Large gaps in rusted gable metal

    This gable metal on both sides of the roof is more worn out than any of the other metal and should be replaced in the not too distant future. With that said there was large gaps between the transitions and also gaps in a section of metal they used to cover up a roofing error. So either the metal panels are slightly crooked or the top ridge on the left side of the church is out of square. I would say the panel’s are slightly crooked. 
    we used a roof coating to fix these areas. It is infused with fibrous material to keep it from cracking in the future

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  3. 3
    Rusted gable metal with gaps

    This side actually had bigger gaps to fill and it was more challenging to get the 2nd layer of coating to stay in place. But we were able to continually work the coating back in place as gravity wanted to pull it down. After working if for a while it started to dry a bit and finally stayed in place. Here are a few pictures of where all we applied the coating.

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    Extra pictures

    Here are a few pictures that I didn’t add so I figured I would add them here

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