Missing shingles blown off by the wind

  1. 1
    Section of roof hit by high winds

    This is a picture of grey shingles on a roof and many of the shingles are missing and cracked or broken.

    This section of the roof was the worst. As you can see there are a lot of missing and broken shingles. This is due to excessive-high winds!

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  2. 2
    Broken and missing shingles on back of roof

    These pictures show a grey shingle roof that has missing shingles all over the place.

    This section of the roof wasn’t as bad as the front but there are still plenty of creased/broken shingles even on the back.

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  3. 3
    Even more Broken / creased shingles

    There is a certain percentage of shingles that must be missing or damaged in order for an insurance company to cover a roof as a loss. I would bet there is enough on this house.

    This is a close up picture of a shingle roof that ha

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  4. 4
    Wind damaged between pipe boots

    This is a close up picture of some grey shingles that are Cracked down the middle due to high winds

     These 3 singles have a black crease across them, this is where the wind has got under the shingle and lifted it up and then folded it back and then it lays back down in place. The main part of a shingle is the fiberglass mat. When the wind Lifts up a shingle and bends it backward the fiberglass mat is broken.

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  5. 5
    More broken and missing shingles!

    This is a close up picture of a small section of grey shingles And one of the shingles is missing

    As you can see in this section of the roof there are more missing and broken shingles. 

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