Biltmore Forest,  NC
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Worn Out Roof That Needs New Shingles

Ariel view of roof!


Roof Inspection on Worn Out, and Incorrectly Installed Roof

  1. 1
    Shingles Sliding Down The Roof

    In this picture, the shingles start to slide down the roof. You will also notice that the shingles are becoming Unlaminated.

    This is a picture of a Gray colored shingle roof and the shingles are becoming detached and sliding out from underneath each other

    You can see they all fall apart when I lift on these shingles. This is called De-Lamination. The shingles start to separate from one another. 

    This is a picture of Gray colored shingles that are becoming separated from one another through a process called DE lamination

    This roofing nail is high nailed. The nails should all be in an area of the shingles just above the tar strip called a nail line. When they are high nailed, they are put in a thinner part of the shingle, letting them rip through or cut into the shingle as gravity pulls them down the roof.This is a picture of a nail in a single. The Nail should be much lower on the shingle in the nail strip. This nail is considered to be high nailed.


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  2. 2
    pipe boots are dry rotting and cracking

    As you can see in all 3 of these pictures, the pipe boots on the roof are drily rotted and cracking. All of these should have been replaced several years ago. This is done during every new roof install.

    This is a picture of a black pipe boot on the roof of a house where the rubber meets the pvc pipe is dry rotted and cracking


    This is a picture of a plumbing boot on a roof and the rubber part is dry rotting in cracking


    This is a picture of a pipe boot on a roof it is made of plastic the top part is made of rubber and it is dry rotting and cracking

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  3. 3
    More shingles sliding down the roof

    This is a picture of Gray shingles on a roof. They are now beginning to slide out from underneath other shingles.


    The same things are happening in pin #1 here. Nails are high, allowing gravity to pull the shingles down the roof and letting the nails cut through the shingles.

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  4. 4
    incorrectly installed hip and ridge shingles

    Not only are these ridge cap shingles the wrong color, but they are not ridge cap shingles at all. They are just cut-out pieces of ice and a water shield. 

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  5. 5
    incorrect shingle stagger.

    This is a picture of a group of Gray shingles and the 6

    The red lines show where the stagger is at. See below for the correct stagger on a house we just finished.

    This is a picture  Of shingles being installed on a roof and a diagonal 6

    This is the correct way a 6-inch stagger should be installed on a roof. It makes the whole shingle roof a solid congruent unit. 

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